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electronic adhesive, industrial adhesive, alternative energy adhesive, automotive adhesive, solar adhesive, telecom adhesive, medical device adhesive, assembly adhesive, device adhesive, component adhesive, packaging adhesive
FastelFilm Thermal Bonding/Sealing Adhesive Films & Die Cuts
Electrically Conductive Adhesive, EMI-Shielding, EMI, Electromagnetic Interference, Electronics Adhesive, Microprossor Adhesive, Underfill Adhesive, Ciruitboard Adhesive, Electronic Adhesive, Assembly Adhesive, Automotive Adhesive,
Fastelek Electrically Conductive Thermal Bonding/Sealing Adhesive Films & Die Cuts
thermal-management-materials for electronics
Thermal Interface Materials
heat activated adhesive coated substrates, substrate coating
Fastel Adhesive Coated Substrates
acrylic and silicone pressure adhesive, lamination, pet, aluminum, copper, stainless, pet, polyimide, die cut adhesive
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
induction and heat seal heat seal foils
Induction & Heat Seal Foils as well as Die Cut Seals
circuit board adhesive, chip bonding, chassis assembly, underfill, die attach
Adhesives for Electronic Assembly
Automotive Adhesive, bonding, assembly, lens bonding, glass bonding
Adhesives for Automotive Assemby
component bonding, circuit board assembly, die bonding, chip bonding, die attach, adhesive, electrically conductive, passive components, bga, flip chip, silver filled
Adhesives for EMI-Shielding
Welcome to Fastel Adhesives and Substrate Products 

Fastel Adhesive and Substrate Products offers specialized adhesive film, polyimide film and foil solutions.  Please select from one of the following adhesive, polyimide or foil solutions below.

FastelFilm - Considered our flag ship product, FastelFilm is a specially formulated thermal bonding adhesive film or die cuts available in a range of phase-change (melt point) temperatures and free standing film thicknesses.  Fastelfilm is designed to adhere as well as seal components, contacts or devices to a wide range of substrates within the electronic, automotive, alternative energy, industrial, aerospace or medical device markets.  Read More

Fastelek - ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE thermal bonding adhesive film or die cuts available in multiple performance filler formulations.  Fastelek is designed to adhere and seal materials together for EMI/RFI Sheilding, component/contact/device bonding and sealing as well as applicaitons where a high performance electrical path is required between substrates.   Ideal for use within the electronic, automotive, alternative energy, industrial, aerospace or medical device markets.  Read More

FastelFoil - Induction & Heat Seal Aluminum Foils designed for impermeable and efficient bottle and package sealing.   Available in multiple material constructions within a variety of delivery formats which include log rolls, slit rolls, die cut seals, pre-fromed aluminum foil bags or sheets.  Read More

Fastel PSA - Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives (unsupported and supported) designed for both high performance adhesion between various substrates as well as to provide surface protection during component or device processing and allow for clean removal of adhesive from the surface.   FastelMask is designed to offer surface protection and remove cleanly as a tape Read More

Devinall TH Polyimide - Thermally conductive polyimide film designed for use in a wide range of applications where a high performance electrical insulator or thermal transfer is required.  Applications include heat sinks, heater circuits, power supplies, voice coils, speaker assembley, automotive sensors and more.  Read More

Adhesive Coated Substrate Products - Multiple substrate thicknesses and types of coated with any one of our Fastel Adhesive Products.   Read More

Metal Foils - Quality Metal Foils which include Aluminum, Copper or Stainless Steel suitable for alternative energy, electronic, industrial, automotive, solar panel, military/aerospace or commercial application markets.  Read More

Pre-Formed Advantage

Pre-Forming our adhesive, foil seal and polyimide products allows us to meet a wide range of applications as well as customer design requirements.  All of our products have the capability to be pre-formed (die cut) to customer specification using a variety of inexpensive tooling options.   Die cutting options include standard steel rule die and rotary tooling. 


Fastel Adhesive and Substrate Products

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