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Mission Statement

To be a global leader of innovative products that will supply and enhance the
 continual advancement of current and next generation technology

Fastel Adhesive and Substrate Products is a leader in providing adhesive and substrate technology designed to support a worldwide electronics, industrial, automotive, alternative energy, military, medical device, assembly and packaging adhesive market.  Our continual success is based upon principles of quality, value, customer satisfaction and continual improvement.  These core principles are fundamental in creating synergistic benefits for our customers as we continue to maintain and enhance the growing need for adhesive solutions for product and manufacturing design requirements.

We are always dedicated to researching and developing new markets to determine where our FastelFilm, Fastelek, FastelFoil and Devinall Brands will enhance and provide value for our customers worldwide.  Our adhesive products add bond strength, a clean installation, quick cure time and overall reduced assembly time in an effort to offer out customers the flexibility of cost, design and process.

Headquartered in San Clemente, CA, USA our facilities are equipped with strategic manufacturing equipment and process machinery, test equipment and sophisticated materials requirements planning tied together to accomodate the timely demands of our customers.  Our adhesive and substrate materials are readily available to simply anything from mounting an electronic device, sealing a contact plug or simply bonding two components together quickly, efficiently and with no mess.

We are driven by the innovation of our customers and global partners integrated with the requirements of our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification. Our continual improvement goal is to supply our customers and global partners with absolute confidence in our abilities to provide products that meet or exceed customer expecations.

With adhesive and substrate products tested and approved in thousands of applicaitons around the world, we are always ready to assist our customers by providing them the materials and support that will improve the quality of their finished products and efficiency of their assembly.

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