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High Performance Dielectric Polyimide Films
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Download Devinall SP Technical Data Sheet
Standard Devinall SP Polyimide Film Thicknesses

Devinall SP 100: 0.001" (0.03mm)
Devinall SP 200: 0.002" (0.05mm)
Devinall SP 300: 0.003" (0.08mm)

Equivalent to Type HN Polymide Films

Typical Devinall SP Applications

* Electrical Insulation
* Electronics Assembly
* Pressure Sensitive Dielectric Tapes
* Insulation Layers
* Insulation Tubing
* Etching / Shims
* Laminations

Devinall SP Product Benefits

* High Cut Thru Resistance
* Excellent Mechanical Properties
* High Performance Electrical Properties
* Excellent Chemical Stability
* High Temperature Rating
* Multiple Thicknesses
* Cost Effective Polyimide Solution
Devinall SP Delivery Options:

Standard Log Roll Size: 20.00" (500mm) Width

Slit Roll Sizes: 0.125" width minimum

Die Cut: Individuals or on a Continuous Roll
Devinall SP Surface Mount Options

- Light Tack PSA Lamination for Repositionable Placement

HT - High Tack PSA Lamination for Permanent Placement

FT - FastelFilm Coated Devinall SP for Permanent Thermal Bonding

About Devinall SP

Devinall SP Polyimide Series are designed as all all purpose high strength polyimide film product able to perform under high and low operating temperature environments while still maintain its excellent dielectric and insulating characteristics.  Devinall SP is instantly ready to be laminated into a pressure sensitive tape, die cut or coated with a specialized adhesive product.  Devinall SP is an excellent polyimide solution suitable for a range of applications including electronic, automotive, alternative energy or medical device assembly where a durable film is needed packaged with a high performance dielectric and chemical stability characteristics.   Devinall SP is readily available in multiple formats including log rolls, slit rolls or die cut to match a required application outline.
More Information and Samples

Material evaluation is always critical when designing in a new material or developing a new product.  Sheet samples or Devinall SP or TH Polyimide Films are available for preliminary review and testing to determine the optimal FastelFilm formulation, thickness, setup and heating method within the scope of your application requirements.

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Want to Test Samples First Per Your Required Outline?

Our razor plotter sampling machine allows us to provide our customers Devinall already cut to their required outline for testing.  Plotter formed samples provide our customers the ability to test not only the Devinall, but their required outline as well without incurring the expensive of production tooling.  The ability to plotter cut samples is dependent on the required customer die cut outline needed.   For more information to see if your required die cut can be plottered first for sampling, please e-mail

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