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electrically conductive adhesive, thermally conductive adhesive, adhesive film, thermal bonding film, heat activated, glue,
Fastelek EC Shown Above
Electrically Conductive Thermal Bonding Adhesive Films
Available in free standing adhesive films (rolls or die cuts), adhesive coated substrates or discrete adhesive placement on substrates.

Fastelek Conductivity Performance Choices

Fastelek Ni 
(Nickel): 2.50 x 10-3 ohm-cm
Fastelek EC
(Nickel/Silver): 9.55 x 10-5 ohm-cm
Fastelek AG
(Silver): 5.02 x 10-5 ohm-cm
Fastelek AG-MX80
(Silver): 7.26 x 10-6 ohm-cm

Conductivity data per ASTM D2739-97
Download Fastelek Data Sheet located to the left for more details

Click Here to Download The Fastelek Data Sheet
Fastelek Phase-Change (melt point) Temperatures

Fastelek 16071
(160oF / 71oC)
Fastelek 20093 (200oF / 93oC)
Fastelek 230110 (230oF / 110oC)
Fastelek 250120 (250oF / 120oC)

Note: custom phase-change temperature formulations available.  High temperature 284F adhesive base also available within filler performance choices listed above. 

Fastelek is a customizable high performance heat activated electrically conductive adhesive available in a range of performance fillers, thicknesses and phase-change (melt point) temperatures.  Fastelek is designed to adhere strongly to a wide range of materials packaged with a cost effective low resistant electrcal path performance which makes it ideal for assembly within devices designed for the consumer electronics, automotive, medical, EMI/RFI Shielding and alternative energy markets.

As a dry-to-the-touch free standing adhesive film, Fastelek can be die cut to match a wide range of mounting and sealing application areas.  Applications can vary from bonding and/or sealing fasteners or contacts, components, adhering materials for lamination, case sealing or difficult areas of general device assembly where liquid adhesives can be difficult to dispense or run-out.  As a die cut adhesive pad, Fastelek allows for quick and clean "drop-in-place" installation/setup and instantly ready to be heat cured above its phase-change temperature using a wide range of thermal induction methods.  Once allowed to cool below its phase-change temperature, the adhesive is cured.

Fastelek Product Features

* Multiple Conductivity Formulations
* Multiple Phase-Change Temperatures
* Various Film Thicknesses
* Die Cuts, Sheets Rolls

* Excellent Adhesion to Substrates
* Controlled Flow When Heated
* Re-Workable After First Cure
* Quick Installation and Fixturing

* Low Cost Adhesive Solutions
* Indefinite Shelf Life
* Solvent Free / Acid Free
* Short Lead Times

Fastelek Standard Thicknesses (Free Standing Film)

1.5 Mil (0.0015", 0.038mm)

3 Mil (0.003", 0.08mm)
5 Mil (0.005", 0.13mm)
10 Mil (0.010", 0.25mm)
15 Mil (0.015", 0.38mm)
30 Mil (0.030", 0.76mm)

Note: custom film thicknesses available.  For more information, e-mail or contact toll free 1-888-989-3832 (US) or +1-949-369-7676 (International)

Fastelek Adhesive Delivery Options

Die Cut Pad (Individuals)
Die Cut Pad (Continuous Rolls)
Log Rolls or Sheets

Fastelek Product Film / Coating Options

Free Standing Adhesive Film
Coated Aluminum, Copper or Stainless Foils
PET Films
DISCRETE Adhesive Placement on Substrates (contact us for details)
100% Substrate Surface Coating 

About Fastelek

Fastelek is an electrically conductive EVA based solvent free adhesive film that is designed to provide efficient electrical conductivty, uniform adhesion and sealing across a desired material interface.   The ability to manufacture Fastelek in a variety of phase-change temperatures, film thicknesses, roll, sheet sizes and pre-form die cuts allows us to meet a wide range of requirements within multiple industries.   Fastelek's inherent flexibility from manufacturing to installation makes it an ideal solution for applications ranging from low volume (even prototypes) and/or high volume environments.   Fastelek is manfuactured to superior guidelines set forth by our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standards and offers a quick turnkey solution from design to production.
Fastelek Heat Curing Methods

All Fastelek Phase-Change Formulations can be heat cured using commercially available heating devices.   When cycled past its phase-change temperature, Fastelek will begin its controlled flow filling in any microscopic surface imperfections as well as adjust for any flatness condtions that may exist across your material interface leading to even better electrical conductivity performance.

Recommended heating devices include a curing oven, heated press, hydraulic press, heated roller(s), heated flat plate, heat tunnel, heat gun or custom fixture/heating device.

Download the Fastelek Data Sheet above for more information on recommended setups and heat cycling times.

Want to cure Fastelek alongside other heat curing materials?

Not a problem with Fastelek.  Fastelek Adhesive can by cycled higher than its recommended application temperatures for long periods of time if being cured alongside other heat required materials/adhesives that require longer cycling times in a curing oven.

Popular Fastelek Applications 

Electronics Application  Automotive Application  Alternative Energy Application  Medical Device Application 
Electrical Contact Bonding/Sealing  Electronics Assembly  Photovoltaic Cell Bonding/Sealing  Electronics Assembly 
Component Mounting/Surface Mounting  EMI/RFI Shielding  Electrical Contact Bonding/Sealing  EMI/RFI Shielding 
EMI/RFI Shielding  Component Mounting  EMI/RFI Shielding  Membrane Switch Assembly 
Case Bonding and Sealing  Membrane Switch Assembly  Component Mounting  Electrical Contact Bonding/Sealing
Fixture/Assembly Setup  Fixture/Assembly Setup  Solar Device Assembly  Fixture/Assembly Setup 
Membrane Switch Assembly    Fixture/Assembly Setup   

Fastelek Coated Substrate Options

In addition to manufacturing a free standing film, all Fastelek Formulations have the ability to be coated at specific thicknesses on a wide range of substrate types designed to meet a specific requirement.

Masking/DISCRETE Placement Options:  Fastelek Adhesive masking or discrete options is a process in which the substrate is masked before applying the adhesive coating.   The masking is then removed to allow for exposed areas of the substrate.  Popular for copper substrates where exposure of substrate in predetermined areas is desired for electrical contact or soldering.
For more information on substrate coated materials or masking/discrete placement options, please contact us toll free at 1-888-989-3832 (US) or +1-949-369-7676 (International) or e-mail

Common Fastelek Substrate Coated Materials

Metal Foils
* Aluminum 1100, 1235
* Copper 101, 110
* Stainless 304, 321
* Precious Metal Foils
* Brass
* Inconel

Plastics & Rubbers
* PET Film
* Heat Stabilized PET
* Polyimide Films
* Foams (Various Durometers)
* Rubber (Various Types)

* Synethic Substrates
* Laminates
* Customer Defined Substrates

More Information and Samples

Adhesive material evaluation is always critical when designing in a new material or developing a new product.  Sheet samples or Fastelek Adhesive are available for preliminary review and testing to determine the optimal Fastelek formulation, thickness, setup and heating method within the scope of your application requirements.

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Want to Test Samples First Per Your Required Outline?

Our razor plotter sampling machine allows us to provide our customers Fastelek already cut to their required outline for testing.  Plotter formed samples provide our customers the ability to test not only the adhesive, but their required outline as well without incurring the expensive of production tooling.  The ability to plotter cut samples is dependent on the required customer die cut outline needed.   For more information to see if your required die cut can be plottered first for sampling, please e-mail

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