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FastelFoil Thermal Induction Heat Seal Aluminum Foils
Customizable and Cost Effective Induction & Heat Seal Foil Products

Standard FastelFoil Material Constructions

FastelFoil HS160 Heat Seal (Great for Glass)
(can be induction sealed at low settings)
0.0005" to 0.003" aluminum substrate
0.001" to 0.005" 160oF / 71oC adhesive (proprietary)

FastelFoil HS200 Heat Seal (Higher Temp)
(can be induction sealed at low settings)
0.0005" to 0.003" aluminum substrate
0.001" to 0.005" 200oF / 93oC adhesive (proprietary)

FastelFoil P250 (Induction Seal)
0.0005" to 0.003" aluminum substrate
0.001" to 0.005" polyethylene layer (PE Clear)

Note: standard FastelFoil is natural aluminum 1 side (no top side print coating) 
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Specially formulated clear top coating (for HS160, HS200 or P250) that allows printing directl onto foil.  Ideal for flexographic printing graphics to top side of foil.

Creating a fast and impermeable seal to your container or foil bag is what FastelFoil is all about. Our FastelFoil Products are readily available in multiple substrate constructions designed to best suit your foil sealing requirements. FastelFoil can be applied using commercially available heat and induction sealing devices. FastelFoil can be delivered in continuous log rolls, slit log rolls, foil bags or die cut seals per your specification.

FastelFoil Product Features

* Multiple Foil Constructions

* Continuous Rolls, Die Cuts, Sheets

* Fastel Print Coating (Top Side)(Optional)

* Excellent Adhesive to Substrates

* Chemical Resistant

* Quick Heating Installation

* Heat Press or Induction Seal Types

* Low Cost Foil Sealing Solution

* Indefinite Shelf Life

* Resistant to Handling

* Short Lead Times

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Optimal FastelFoil Container Sealing Surfaces


For induction sealing to Polypropylene, PET, CPET, APET, PVC containers, please contact to learn more about additional FastelFoil material constructions available.


FastelFoil Product Delivery Options

Continuous Rolls
Slit Rolls to Specification
Die Cut Seals
2 Side Sealed Bags, Folded or Flat Sheets

Die Cutting Options

Individual Die Cut Seals (packed in bulk)
Continuous Rolls of Die Cut Seals (packed in rolls)

FastelFoil Bags

FastelFoil P250 Series can be pre-formed into 2 sided sealed bags.  After your final product has been placed inside the FastelFoil Bag, users can seal the final side using standard heat seal/wire devices, foot sealers or heat press devices.
About FasteFoil

FastelFoil Induction & Heat Seal Products are designed to make an impermeable seal and bond to a variety of plastic, glass and metal container types.  The ability to manufacture FastelFoil in a variety of foil substrate thicknesses and heat seal adhesive or PE thicknesses allows us to meet a wide range of industry sealing applications.
FastelFoil utilizes Fastel Adhesive Technology within multiple material constructions to accomodate varying customer requirements.  The ability for Fastel Adhesive and Substrate Products to supply our customers with direct from manufacturer log rolls, slit rolls, die cut seals or pre-formed bag adds value and cost savings to our customers by being able to service ranging foil formats all from one vendor.
FastelFoil Sealing Device Methods

All FastelFoil Induction & Heat Seal Products can be sealed using commercially available sealing devices.  When FastelFoil is cycled past its activation temperature, the material will begin its controlled flow filling in any microscopic surface conditions that may exist on your mounting surface as well as adjust for any flatness conditions. 

Recommended sealing devices include an induction sealer/die cutter, standard induction sealer, heated press, hot stamp press, wire sealer, L bar sealer, Foot Sealer, wire sealer or custom fixture/sealing device.

Download the FastelFoil Data Sheet above for more information on recommended setups and heat cycling times.
FastelFoil Customer / Application Benefits

* High performance adhesion and seal strength due to high performance adhesive system
* Quick seal cycling times / bonds fast to a variety of plastic/glass/aluminum container types
* Multiple formats: continuous log rolls, die cut seals, pre-formed foil bags/sheets
* No clean up around the sealing area due to controlled adhesive flow
* Quantity is by linear ft (rolls) or each (die cuts).  No shortages as a result of ordering by weight and weight tolerances
* Eliminates any additional converting steps - sending out log rolls to be slit or die cut
* P250 Series provides a permanent bond through induction sealing PE layer to plastic container top
* HS160 Series provides a strong seal for users wanting to use glass container jars
* HS200 Series provides slightly higher temperature adhesive for higher than normal storage conditions
* Quick turnaround from initial requirement to delivery
* Low cost foil seal solutions customizable with respect to material construction and/or printing
More Information and Samples

Foil sealing material evaluation is always critical when designing in a new material, process or developing a new product.  Sheet or small roll samples of FastelFoil are available for preliminary review and testing to determine the optimal FastelFoil material construction, thickness, setup and heating method that best fits within the scope of your application requirements.

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