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Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
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Removable and Protective Silicone Tape Film
Fastel Adhesives offers a variety of pressure sensitive adhesive solutions ranging from free standing and substrate supported acrylics and silicones.  Our FastelTack and FastelMask include various formulations and film thicknesses/constructions in order fit within a range of applications from medical, automotive, industrial, electronic assembly or even powder coating/surface protection applications.   
At Fastel Adhesives, substrate laminations with anyone of our pressure sensitive adhesive solutions is a key capability allowing us to meet a wide range of application specifics.   Our FastelTack PSA product lines can be pre-laminated to various substrates including metal foils (aluminum, copper, stainless steel), PET Films, Polyimide Films or specific customer supplied/required substrates.
One step further:  Not only an adhesive manufacturer, but Fastel can provide die cut solutions for anyone of our FastelTack or FastelMask Pressure Sensitive Adhesives as well as PSA substrate lamination solutions......all designed to fit within the scope of your application and process requirements.  

FastelTack ST - standard unsupported 2 mil and 4 mil clear acrylic agressive transfer tape.  Excellent permanent adhesion to various substrate materials over a broad temperature range as well as superior long term characteristics.  With its fast wet out and ability to be plasticize resistant, FastelTack ST is an ideal solution for surface mounting, die cutting as well as component assembly. For more information, download the FastelTack ST data sheet.

Download FastelTack ST Data Sheet
FasetlMask Silicone Removable Tape - designed to offer surface protection and remove cleanly and easily when needed.  FastelMask is constructed with a 5 mil PET substrate with a cross linked silicone pressure sensitive adhesive one side.   FastelMask is ideal for processes that demand temporary surface protection in order to prevent costly nicks and scratches and re-work once the process is complete.  With its high temperature resistance, FastelMask can be used for processes being subjected to high temperatures (example: powder coating, bake processes) and still remove clean from the surface once complete.   For more information, download the FastelMask Data Sheet 

Download FastelMask Data Sheet
More Information and Samples

Adhesive material evaluation is always critical when designing in a new material or developing a new product.  Sheet samples or FasteTack or FastelMask PSA's are available for preliminary review and testing to determine the optimal FastelTack or FastelMask type and thickness within the scope of your application requirements.

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Want to Test Samples First Per Your Required Outline?

Our razor plotter sampling machine allows us to provide our customers FastelTack or FastelMask PSA already cut to their required outline for testing.  Plotter formed samples provide our customers the ability to test not only the adhesive, but their required outline as well without incurring the expensive of production tooling.  The ability to plotter cut samples is dependent on the required customer die cut outline needed.   For more information to see if your required die cut can be plottered first for sampling, please e-mail


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